A beautiful location and an unusual setting are amongst the opportunities which Garda Trentino can offer for those who are seeking a unique and original venue for their event.

Castles and elegant buildings

Ancient castles and palaces, with their historical value and artistic appeal, give importance to your convivial moments by giving unrepeatable emotions to those who sit at the table: living in a high-cultural atmosphere awakens the taste for beauty.

Wineries and Distilleries

The opportunity to have dinner in wineries and distilleries allows participants to fit into a particular reality and capture the interesting aspects as well as taste the products that cheer the palate.

Dinners in hotels

The hotels offer exclusive spaces pleasantly furnished to accommodate your dinners; take care of customers and their food needs is on the agenda to ensure quality service in all respects.

Typical restaurants

Those who want to have a full experience of Garda Trentino can't miss the opportunity to eat in a typical restaurant: local drinks and specialties are carefully served in feature frames.

Special venues

Whether inside or outdoors, convivial moments can be spent together with many people without missing anything: the spaces you can use are tailored to your needs to ensure you have an unprecedented experience.